We teach following a unique methodology, which was developed and applied in very different educational environments throughout decades of experience. With us you will learn easily, and quickly become fluent in English. Each of our lessons combines speaking practice and training grammar through interactive exercises, card games, role play simulations and many innovative methods that have been proven most effective in learning English in the fastest way possible. Learn more and sign up!
Speaking practice
Grammar and exercises
Learning while playing
Words learned


We have more than 20 years of experience in the field and we are happy to share it with you!
Language Training
We design and provide individual and in-group trainings to international and local professionals on Russian and English as foreign languages. We conduct trainings on intercultural communication and awareness. We also provide trainings for primary/secondary/high school students on Russian as mother tongue, literature and English language.
We prepare and conduct testing on Russian and English as a foreign language in order to identify gaps in staff's knowledge and training needs. We design and organize tests and simulation exercises for professionals to assess preparedness for being deployed in a foreign language environment. We work with pupils and students to test and improve their language skills ahead of examinations.
Consultancy & workshops
We conduct sociolinguistic analysis of speeches and public statements, provide expert assessment of conflict cases related to the use of language in multiethnic and multilingual context, provide hate speech detection at administrative and political levels, analyze accuracy of interpretations in mass media, and design advocacy communication projects on multi-language policies.


We worked a lot to develop and test our methodology and we are happy to share this knowledge with you!


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