Irina Solonkova is a Russian and English languages teacher. She has been teaching to officers of international organizations and national experts for over 20 years.

The language focus is at the following areas:

  • General Russian/English
  • Business Russian/English
  • Peacekeeping – negotiations, conflicts prevention and monitoring
  • Diplomacy – language of politics and international law, projects management in various realms
  • Military – following agreements, mediation and arms control activities


This is to certify that Professor Irina Solonkova has been teaching Russian language to the Military and Political Military Members of the Mission to Moldova for 20 years.

  • To International Military OSCE Mission to Moldova members, from the year 1994;
  • To United States of America Military Officers sent as augmentees to OSCE Mission to Moldova, from year 2002.

Attached:  list of all officers
Colonel Maurice Dunand (FR)
Political Military Adviser


Professor Irina Solonkova has been providing lessons to employees of the OSCE Mission to Moldova from 1994 to 54 different Mission members, including students at different levels of the Mission hierarchy. These lessons involved students at various levels of Russian-language acquisition, ranging from absolute beginners to advanced-level has demonstrated a high-degree of professionalism and reliability.

Claus Neukirch
Deputy Head of Mission

The instruction of Russian to full time, willing and eager students is still a difficult task.

Ms. Solonkova’s task is usually complicated by additional obstacles which include: her students are full time officers with little extra time, they are usually very tired at the end of the day, their ability to schedule time is at a premium, and their requirements are usually for specialized language such as political, military or economic terms. Solonkova has adapted superbly to these challenges.

She created several unique methods of instructing Russian which enable the student  to learn at a more rapid rate, enjoy the instruction, and more quickly absorb the unique rhyme and reason of Russian grammar. Her employment of these techniques has made her one of the most sought after instructors in this city.

John Driscol Ir.
First Secretary
Embassy of the United States of America
Chisinau, Moldova

Extremely efficient and has shown a very high level of commitment. A particular strength is her natural ability to engender mutual trust and respect. Has proven to be much valued Embassy contact whose integrity is of the highest order. The language services she provides are without a doubt excellent

Camelia Kane
Vice Consul

Certificate of Appreciation for staff training, groups and individually providing company’s competitive advantage due to its improved performance.

Roberto Pretelli
Head of Enova Group
Italy, Bologna


Has a wealth of different learning materials that she uses during her lessons. Many of them, she has created herself, in response to the needs of her students. Her lessons are varied and cover a range of topics from grammar and vocabulary to raising awareness of Russian/Soviet cultural life and literature

Amy Cecilia Sherwood
Deputy Head of Mission & HM Consul


The politico-military dimension of OSCE Mission to Moldova demands to know special documents and agreements in connection with the negotiation process of the Transnistrian conflict resolution. For example the work of the Joint Control Commission, destroying pesticides, arms control activities, patrol in the field and inspections of the peace keepers.

With this purpose, she arranged her classes so that the tasks were focused on the areas of my professional interests: work documents, online news, video documentaries. This helped me immensely in my fieldwork.

I would also like to point out her creative approach: her classes are diverse and arranged so that even in the end of the long working day playing a learning game to watching a video, speaking practice or listening to news.

Jens Zeuschner, LTC
Bundeswehr, FRG

As a United States Department Russian translator I constantly need to study Russian in order to maintain and improve my language skills. Mrs. Solonkova came highly recommended by a US Embassy colleague, and I very quickly understood why. From the start Irina demonstrated a high level of pedagogy with effective teaching methods

I felt definite improvement in my understanding and speaking Russian language. By the way, I have been studying Russian for 15 years with a number of Russian instructors and I have to say without hesitation that MRS. Solonkova has been one of the best!

Irina’s lessons are both structured an fun as she knows how to combine grammar exercises, that are well adapted to the student’s level, with board games that she designed herself.

Mrs. Solonkova is an outstanding teacher with a passion for her work. As a result she always strives to improve, widen and update her knowledge, teaching methods and material.

Freddie Chaisson, Translator
US Embassy, Chisinau, Moldova